Thursday, March 31, 2005

Scape goat hiding behind the Bush

This administration really likes to find fall guys. It likes finding people to blame. An article on today:
Bush commission on WMDs to fault intelligence sharing
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush's commission on weapons of mass destruction will castigate U.S. intelligence agencies for their continued failure to share information after numerous reforms aimed at improving coordination, federal officials said Tuesday.

That's interesting. Because all of this information was delivered to the President months before September 11. We had no trouble gathering it before September 11. We even knew that planes were going to be used as weapons. Yet Rumsfield got pissed at us diverting money from his missle defense program (who didn't stop the slow moving planes) and Cheney, Bush, and everyone's hero Rice did not feel this information was important enough to take action on...
The report examines factors that might have led to errors, the official said, such as whether policy-makers were seeking preconceived conclusions, whether foreign intelligence agencies had reached similar conclusions and whether analysts had little information to work with.

That's interesting. Because Dick Cheney was working with our intelligence agencies to make a preconceived case up about Iraq.

Remember how pissed George Tennant was after no one would listen to him yelling about terrorists about to mount an attack on the US? Yeah. Bush does too. He fired him for that.

Can't we just get rid of Bush and Cheney? Isn't the administration the problem?

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