Tuesday, April 12, 2005


S.Dogg Speaks: We clean up okay! (emphasis and diverse color added)
But the big issue I found with the whole 'rankings' deal on the site was that it compared student comments at schools like UW with places like Carleton. And students at those two places have very, very different expectations about things like academics, social life, etc. In fact, UW and Carleton got the exact same grade for academics - huh?!? And it seemed like having a great party atmosphere was going to get a school a lot further than a bunch of dorks sitting around talking about stuff on a Friday night, even if the dorks are a lot happier doing that than they would be negotiating a room full of drunken people trying to hook up with each other. There should be schools for both types of people rather than all of them trying to meet some sort of 'norm' of what a college experience should be like.


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Theo said...

I just realized that most of the readers of this blog probably have already read that from its source... So understand that I'm really playing to those random visitors.