Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Is the IMAGE reallly necessary?

I just saw an article pop up on news.google.com entitled, US teenagers prefer oral sex: survey.

So the survey is a little interesting, perhaps, but it's the article itself that really caught my attention. Is it really necessary to use THAT IMAGE in the middle of the article? Doesn't that seem a little odd?


Sophist said...

Gee, what luscious lips in that newspaper graphic!

You know what I've been reading lately? That people who have taken virginity pledges frequently engage in oral sex (I had expected this from all the media coverage) AND in anal sex (this, I had not anticipated).

I've also been reading medical journal reports that virginity pledges do not decrease rates of STD transmission... So if half of the kids who pledge actually do keep their pledges in more than a "technical" sense, then the other half must be having TWICE as much unsafe sex and/or unsafe "technically-not-sex" in order to bring the average up to the rate that non-pledgers get STDs.

Someone at work said, "So that's why people like Catholic school girls." I had heard that snide comment before, but I thought it was just about the plaid miniskirts. I am wayyyyyy too naive!

Theo said...

Well, back in the old days everyone liked the Catholic school girls because they had all that pent up sexuality to unleash on some poor boy once they were independent enough. (so everyone wanted to be that poor boy(s))

But now, you're right, it's a different story. "No, Jimmy, I want to stay pure while I'm not married, so use my butt instead." How sweet and romantic. A new breed of "chaste" woman.