Friday, April 08, 2005

So this is a fascinating piece of information:

Gang turf in Hollenbeck

You see, CNN is going to do a documentary on Hollenbeck, and all of this very detailed info came from the LAPD. It's really very detailed. It's kinda weird it's so detailed.

It's also weird that there's a vacant area on the map. Why is that one area vacant?

And why did the gangs decide that these were good names? "Krazy Ass Mexicans" and "Tiny Boys"? "Michigan Criminal Force" maybe could be renamed "Lost"...

And what about those areas where gangs coexist? Do you think it's a peaceful coexistence? Or do you think the cops just didn't have the resolution? Certain gangs just had so small territories that they grouped them in with others?


~ange said...

Maybe the vacant area is the only area patrolled or surrounds LAPD headquarters? Is there a "downtown" in LA- like a banking district- or maybe it's studio land, in which case they have a lot o'members. ELA 13 is weird for the amount of members they have a puny little turf area. My gang has one member. We're called 'Other Gangs Suk' and we rule the entire midwest.

~ange said...

Looking at Google maps, my guess is that the vacant land is Chevy Chase golf club, Annandale golf club and Scholl Canyon Golf Course. Prime land, but harder to tag. In case anyone else was curious.