Thursday, April 14, 2005

In Ohio, identity theft is done by the police, and it's legal

This is true. It really was in the Sunday Columbus Dispatch.

In Ohio, identity theft is done by the police, and it's legal

A snippet. I think the identity theft is a big deal, but the whole investigation procedure is in general very creepy.
Authorities gave Michelle Szuhay another woman’s
identity to use while undercover.

Haley Dawson has never been a stripper.

But Ohio liquor-control agents took her identity and gave
it to a 22-year-old college student who they had recruited
to work undercover as a nude dancer.

As part of an investigation that resulted in nothing more
than misdemeanor charges, police paid University of Dayton
criminal-justice student Michelle Szuhay $100 a night to take
it all off in early 2003 — as liquor-control officers drank
beer and watched in the audience for three months, court
papers show.

Other officers watched her strip on the Internet, using an
account created under the identity of a dead man.

The officers did all this by using Dawson’s driver’s license
and Social Security number to hide Szuhay’s identity while
she worked at the targeted strip club, the now-closed Total
Xposure in Troy.


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