Monday, April 11, 2005

Opportunity to suck again? Suck, Part Deux?

So there have been more links to my blog from NSF'ers who either need to verify either that they're wonderful or that they're not stupid, and following their searches, it's led me to the blogs of other grad and pre-grad students.

I thought this one was particularly harsh.

Anyway, in another one, someone mentioned that this was their third time applying, and they finally got it. Third time? You can only apply as a pre-grad and as a first-year grad. Maybe they're not talking about the GRFP? Or maybe I'll get yet another chance to feel disappointed NEXT YEAR?! Wouldn't that be great?

I really am happy with my funding now. But it leaves me hanging for two years in the middle of it. Yeah, I'm guaranteed a GRA or GTA during that time, but I'd much rather be footloose and fancy free and I LOATH the thought of grading papers again. I graded papers for four years in undergrad, and I NEVER could do it quickly. It was always a major bitch. I just hated it. Teaching was fine. Office hours were fine. In fact, I enjoyed all of that. I just HATED the distracting grading of papers. (there are tax reasons why I'd also like to have something like the GRFP, but I won't get into that)

So I dunno... Is Suck, Part Deux coming up? I should look into this... later...

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