Monday, April 18, 2005

Matlab 7 makes me hot... and I'm not alone

I've changed the other person in this saved IM conversation to "OtherGuy" to protect his identity. It's worth noting that he too is a controls engineering graduate student with me. These are the sort of things we get excited about, I guess...
TedliMan: Wow... in matlab7 you not only can save/export a figure
TedliMan: but you can "generate M file" to take all the figure data and put it in an M file
OtherGuy: yeah, I tried that once.
OtherGuy: It was crazy.
TedliMan: I get so hot using matlab7
OtherGuy: I know, me too
OtherGuy: I was telling Pat that tonight



Andrew said...

Yeah, Matlab...

Theo said...

SEE? Even the CANADIANS like MATLAB! Woot woot!