Saturday, April 09, 2005

Disappointing (but beautiful?) Weekend

So Mark won tickets to see Ash in the CD101 big room. You see, it's CD101 day today, and so later on tonight they'll have a big show at the PromoWest Pavilion with The Black Keys, Dresden Dolls, The Bravery, Ben Lee, Ash, and The Shatters. So today, they're having big room shows for those groups.

Now, Mark won tickets to see Ash, but he couldn't go, so he put them in Rachel's name (his fiance), who also couldn't go, so she was trying to get them transferred to Tom, who asked me. So I got all ready to go... Then Tom tells me he hasn't got a confirmation... and stops me from calling the station, because he actually doesn't want to go.

So I guess I won't be doing that. I really did want to go. I won Big Room tickets years ago, but I couldn't go that day... Mark's gone and had a really good time. I think it would be fun.

So I guess that's that. :(

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Theo said...

I ended up going out for an afternoon beer with Kristen on the upstairs patio at the Grandview Cafe. It was nice.

And it's very nice out. Hence, the "beautiful" part of this title. The weather is much nicer now. I just thought I should explain that.