Thursday, April 07, 2005

Next Time I Fall - Strange Sentiment?

Circa 1986 Peter Cetera released a hit song "Next Time I Fall (click for lyrics)" that is still played today on soft rock stations. Today I happened to be sitting next to a radio that was tuned to such a soft rock station (it was not voluntarily) and the song came on the radio, and it got me thinking about it...

There's really a strange sentiment behind that song.
Listen, I really think I should write a song for you, but I'm not quite in love with you. I don't really think I'm ready for love, but I still think that it's appropriate to write a song now.

So here, let me level with you, I'm not in love, but I feel like I could be in love soon, and if I do fall in love soon, you're on the short list.

Now THAT's romantic. There's no reason to be skeptical about THAT. He's NOT just stringing the girl along for sex. Nope. No chance of that.

What ever happened to Peter Cetera? I don't really care.

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Theo said... -- Not only is he still going "strong," but on April 4 he talked to Robert Blake about the murder.