Friday, April 29, 2005

Sex is Overrated

Yet another reason to hate kids: Official: 3rd-grader stuck 19 schoolmates with needle
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (AP) -- A third-grader stuck 19 schoolmates with her mother's diabetes blood-testing needle this week, and one pricked student tested positive for HIV on a preliminary test, officials said.

Health officials said the virus could not have been contracted from the needle stick, and they noted that preliminary tests can yield false positives.

The risk to students who were stuck after the possibly infected child depends on factors including the depth of the stick, health officials said.

[ The juxtaposition of those last two "paragraphs" sorta gives reason to hate the media (or, perhaps, health officials?) too... ]


~ange said...

That's so freaky! It reminds me of the psycho a few years back that went around randomly sticking people at night clubs because he was pissed he contracted HIV.

Theo said...

Yeah -- I remember that! That guy's scary. Does this mean I have to not only hate kids but everybody? That seems rude. :(

Theo said...

Of course, I guess that guy at least had a point. He wasn't just being stupid for stupid sake.

Stupid kid.

Jenn Onofrio said...

Where does that come from, I wonder? I mean, what inside this little girl made her want to stick people with a needle? That's what I'm missing from this whole thing... it doesn't seem like it was "aggravated" and like she was attacking people with it (otherwise, the articles would be spun in a much more horrific tone); so what was it? Did she do it discreetly? Does she want to be on 'ER' when she grows up?

The mind reels...