Monday, May 09, 2005

120 Vrms Culture Shock

So I've been talking about the new Powerbook I've been using at home. I've been pretty happy with it.

Today I went into the office at school and started up the Dell Precision 650 workstation I have there. This is a nice machine. It's fast (two hyperthreaded Xeon processors) and pretty sleek for a PC. However, it's magic is just GONE now. It's covered in *BLACK PLASTIC*. The LCD display might as well be square. And Windows XP actually seems to start up very SLOWLY. You see, the ONLY redeeming feature of Windows XP over Windows 2000 is that it boots quickly. That's the ONLY thing different about it. Otherwise it's a step down. Well, now I don't even notice that.

My next desktop machine at home is going to be a Power Mac. I'm converted.

There was a review on the radio earlier today comparing Tiger to the features that are supposed to debut in Microsoft's Longhorn whenever it comes out. The critics agree that Microsoft simply isn't putting out a product that is worthy of comparison. They're far behind. I really think that more people will be making the switch (I've been a PC user for 15 years) in the near future.

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