Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mrs. Brown, You Have a Lovely Legion on your Neck

O.C. Ocean Pollution Costs Millions in Health Care
Thanks to pollution, a day at the beach can be an expensive affair. A study of two California beaches indicates that illnesses associated with swimming in contaminated waters cost the public more than $3 million annually.

According to the report, the two main sources of pollution for the California beaches are urban runoff and sewage treatment. During the study period, both beaches had water quality levels that were within the standards set by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state of California. Indeed, the researchers calculate that the total public health costs would exceed $7 million annually if the coastal water quality had the maximum pollution levels allowed under EPA standards for the entire year. “The ultimate value of this research is for policymakers, who are well aware of the substantial costs involved with cleaning up water pollution, but need to know the other side of the equation--the costs associated with not cleaning up the water,” Dwight says.


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Yeah. I'm glad I don't live there... :-p

(though, I used to live in Dublin, OH (where the Memorial Golf Tournament goes on each year)... and they had some of the same problems with sewage overflowing into the Scioto River. Pretty gross)