Tuesday, May 17, 2005


So today I was driving behind someone with two bumper stickers.

The first was a small "W" with an even smaller "THE PRESIDENT" underneath it.

The second had two parts. The first was a hand holding one of those puppetteer things (looks like a big plus with the wires coming off of it) that said something about "EMPIRE" on one side and "Join the Phamily" on the other. It had white outlined text on a black background.

Now... I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure the latter bumper sticker was endorsing conservative fasciest neo-Nazi participation, and I think the former was endorsing George W. Bush for President.

It's nice to know that the two things that that person felt enthusiastic enough to place a bumper sticker on their car about were George W. Bush and Nazi participation.


Anonymous said...

I might be wrong, but I think the "puppeteer" symbol you're referring to was an image from the "Godfather" movies (and book as well, I suppose). This probably makes more sense, as the "phamily" quote on the sticker also seems to fit with the Godfather reference. Just a thought.

Theo said...

Yeah, I know that it's on the cover of the _Godfather_ movies, but I think it's a more general symbol. I don't think FFC&Co. just made it up (but maybe they did).

Theo said...

Actually, I know I used to have a copy of the Puzo book around, and I think it also had that symbol on the front of it. I don't know if the book was printed before or after the movie was distributed... but if it was printed before the movie, then maybe Puzo or his illustrator came up with it? I still have a feeling it's a more general symbol...

Either way, it represents centralized control and bullying. Mob (or gang) mentality seems equally as bad (or worse?) to be tied with GWBush supporters.

Jenn Onofrio said...

When I searched it, I came up with a handful of unrelated links, the mass of which directed back to Christian sexual (and not) morality books.

Then, strangly, it led me to this:

Which is chock full o' your ph's replacing you f's.

Seems more like the typical Bush affiliation, no?

Jenn Onofrio said...

Oh, and then the join the "phamily" thing would make more sense. As in, join the God family. But that's kind of slippery -- J.C. starring as the Godfather?

Hmmm. Seems like sloppy marketing to me. Check out that message board -- whhheeeeewwww.