Friday, May 27, 2005

It's Nice When the Hicks Get Together

So last night while walking to the VC, we stopped at an intersection behind four college-aged women and two college-aged men. The four women were holding hands and three of them had a cowboy hat on . . .

[ You see, that's when we realized that there was a Kenny Chesney concert going on at the Schott, and these six people were walking to it. ]

. . . So while we waited for an opportunity to cross Lane Ave., we noticed that these four women were pretty drunk already. They had probably be "pre-gaming" before the big Chesney concert. We noticed this because they were stumbling around and having a hard time forming coherent sentences. I'm guessing they were holding hands with each other to maintain a little group stability.

At this point, one of them decided to tell a joke, and I'm going to repeat it here. I'm not repeating it because I think it's a funny joke. I'm repeating it because the telling of the joke was surreal. The telling of the joke said so much about the four women in front of me, three of them with cowboy hats on...
Female 1: Hey, what do you call a bunch of black people in the middle of some leaves?
Female 2: I dunno.
Female 1: Bran flakes.
<laughter from all four females>
Female 3: It's RAISON BRAN, you idiot!
<laughter from all four females>
Female 1: Oh, whatever, it's the same thing!
<laughter from all four females>

So the joke was bad enough... But the stupidity that led to the poorly executed punch line says even more about the four high quality females in front of me.

Unfortunately, all four of these females would have had no trouble finding a date with any eligible alpha male, so unless they went driving later that night while still inebriated, their genes will live on long after I die. What's really depressing is that once we got to the VC, we encountered lots and lots of other similar looking women with cowboy hats, low cut jeans, and tiny shirts. All of them would probably someday soon have children, and that saddens me.

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