Saturday, May 28, 2005

Heaven ain't close in a place like this

So tonight was the night of The Killers concert. Hot Hot Heat opened for them, and they did well. The Killers were VERY GOOD. I ESPECIALLY liked how they closed the show with "All These Things That I've Done." I danced and held hands with the woman in front of me. ("I Got Soul, but I'm Not a Soldier!")

Now, before the show we made fun of Tom for something he did recently that I refrain from discussing here because it's really too embarassing for him. Anyway, to move attention off of him, he started discussing a night when they got me drunk and I drunk dialed a number of old girlfriends and confessed many things that were better left dead. Well, Lauren Sweat's name came up during his stories, and this was probably the first time he ever brought up Lauren Sweat's name, and that's why it was especially funny when I ran into Lauren Sweat at the concert.

Apparently Lauren owns a condo on Bethel (and I'm in an apartment on Henderson!) and she's building another condo elsewhere. She's only a month older than me. We're both 24. Hearing about how grown up she was really made me feel young and silly. Apparently Lauren ran into Dave Robers as well sorta recently. That's kinda interesting.

Anyway, she was off after the concert to Grandview. We stayed at Fat Eddie's where I ran into Maryke, an undergrad from my EEOB 740 class!

So we ended up heading to Brother's after that, where poor Mark (the birthday boy, turning 24 tonight) got into a fight with his unreasonable fiance who has the face of most of the Super Vixens on Bravo right now, which is sorta interesting. At Brother's I danced probably a little too close to Schwinn... watched Alan almost pick a fight with three cops... and waited for Mark to resolve things with Rachel (which, of course, never happened)...

So it was a strange night. Oh, and Liza never showed up. I hope she had a better night.

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