Thursday, May 19, 2005

Malibu Bushy

I received this e-mail today from the director of the ElectroScience Laboratory. It was sent out over the ESL mailing list to all ESL employees (I used to be one). I thought it was kinda funny in lots and lots of places.

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Subject: U.S. President Doll

Dear all,

Yesterday, I was told that a doll of the President Bush was placed next to the mailboxes. Also, several people at ESL came to me and told me that they felt offended and disgusted about this kind of display. Needless to say, such a display compromises the congeniality and disrupts our working environment.

Simply put, such items have no place in any work environment. It degrades our intellectual pursuits, and is an insult to our government, our sponsors and the University as a whole.

I hope that in the future, we will all join together to protect our work environment from such displays or acts of disrespect that destroy our ability to have an environment which is free of intimidation in pursuing cutting edge research and educating students who will one day carry Ohio State's pride and be our ambassadors to the country and the world.


John L. Volakis
Roy and Lois Chope Chair Professor
Director, ElectroScience Lab.
ECE Department
The Ohio State University

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