Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Over-compensating, much?

Personally, I think he's overcompensating for being evil.

Gates gives $250 million additional funds for health research

I mean, that's great. Dirty money is still money. I mean, personally I think money made from selling crack (or our new top fear, crystal meth (eeek!)) would be cleaner, but it's still cash.

I just think, as Bill Gates outlines jovially in his book, Gates has strategies that are inherently evil that he's 100% okay with doing them... and he thinks that might make him look bad. So this is just one more strategy.

Note that this has nothing to do with his conscience. If it has to do with anyone's conscience, it has to do with influencing the conscience of the people who hate him or have cases against him.

I've likened Gates to a mob boss many a time. I think this further confirms that analogy. He's a mob boss, taking care of his people, making people okay with his rule just because they are afraid and in debt to him.

He's a bad man.

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Theo said...

I'd like to draw a little distinction here.

President George W. Bush is possibly a good bad who only knows how to do bad things. There is a chance that he actually does not know the difference between the right way to do things and the way he does things. He has surrounded himself with many bad people who take advantage of that. However, if you met him in person and had a chat with him, he'd probably be a nice guy, and I think he'd probably be a genuinely nice, yet misinformed, guy. Fit to be President? Probably not. But an evil person? That's a bit up in the air.

Bill Gates, however, is in a whole other league. There's lots and lots of pure evil there. Meet him in a room and know he'll find some way to run you over if he has to. He doesn't need bad people surrounding him. He takes good people and makes them bad. He takes bright young undergraduate engineers and turns them into money-grubbing evil people.

So I just wanted to get that out there.