Saturday, May 28, 2005

They served their time!!

I cannot understand how people actually think that sex offenders should be treated differently than other citizens with regard to funding for Viagra.

Block sex offenders' Viagra, state says

These people have served their time. Their doctors have prescribed Viagra to them. These people already have to announce their presence to their neighbors. For all we know, these people are having healthy sexual relationships that are greatly helped by Viagra, and those healthy sexual relationships are keeping them from slipping back into sex crime.

This is cruel and very unusual punishment. The media is advertising this issue as if the government is paying for these people's criminal escapades. If these people were doing crime again, they'd be caught and wouldn't be getting prescriptions for Viagra.

You know, John Edwards was right. Our liberties are dwindling like a flickering candle. At any moment, it could go out. That's pretty scary.

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