Monday, May 23, 2005


So apparently the Big Free Concert this weekend wasn't only The Roots (with Cody so they could sing "Seed 2.0"), but it was also KEANE. I think that would have been a fun concert to go to... If you didn't mind standing packed among thousands of undergrads.

The Killers are playing at Promowest on Friday. I didn't realize it until after the tickets were sold out. However, today I was pointed to EBay which was selling a single ticket for $40 and two for $80, however if you bought the two you got free overnight shipping. However, most of the people I'd take with me are already going.

So I asked my ex-girlfriend to go with me. We've been getting along a lot better lately (in preparation for Mark's wedding in July), and I think it'd be fun to go to a concert with her and mutual friends anyway. However, she's going to the The Killers' Saturday night Cleveland show though. I guess she's partly worried that the Cleveland show will be ruined by the Columbus show... However, it's not like a movie where the plot is given away. You already know most if not all of the songs, and if there are any surprises, there will be some unique to Columbus and some to Cleveland. PLUS, I've heard that The Killers are *GREAT* live.

So here I am... hoping my ex-girlfriend will give me $40 for a ticket.

Actually, here I am hoping those tickets get here in time. They were supposed to have free overnight shipping from Austin, TX. We shall see...

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