Sunday, May 01, 2005

Needies Need You!

[ Stolen from angela ]

Needies: Like Rain on a Sunshiny Day
Needies are interactive plush dolls inspired by codependent, high-maintenance relationships.

Totally attention-starved, they compete with each other for human affection -- or, getting touch, as they like to say.

When you give Needies touch (by hugging and squeezing them), they will return your kindness with songs and shameless flattery.

But remember that Needies always know when other Needies are getting touch! If one Needie is getting touch while others are neglected, the unloved Needies will conspire to take its place.

There are pictures on the site.

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grrrbear said...

I think I dated one of those several years ago...

Sophist said...

I think I may be one of these things...

Theo said...

You two didn't DATE EACH OTHER, did you?!!