Monday, May 30, 2005

Worse than Christmas Music

I didn't think it was possible for radio stations to play anything worse than Christmas music, but then I turned on the radio on Memorial Day, and I realized that my fellow Americans can do MUCH worse.

Patriotic music (specifically songs, but it's probably okay to generalize to "music" here) is possibly the worst music ever written. It's not catchy. When the words aren't sappy they're creepy. The songs don't make any statements. The songs make absolutely no contribution to civilization.

For example, you're not actually "proud to be an American" if the only reason you think your proud to be an American is because the song keeps going around and around in your head. That's not pride. That's brainwashing.

I remember having to sing this rubbish as a grade school kid. (by high school this patriotic crap was replaced with religious crap) Grade school children should not be allowed to say that they are proud to be an American because there is no way they could possibly be PROUD to be an AMERICAN. If you asked them for what, exactly, are their proud, they wouldn't know! They'd just SAY that they were proud because that's what they were told to say!

People who are proud to be Americans make choices in spite of other options being available as an assertion of that pride. People who are proud to be Americans question their leaders and cherish their civil liberties. People who are proud to be Americans know what they'd be giving up if they WEREN'T Americans! People who are proud to be Americans DON'T SING ABOUT IT!!

Well, that's probably being too harsh. It's probably fine to sing about being proud to be an American, but actually SAY SOMETHING. The Boss sang "Born in the USA" as a statement about current events. It showed he was connected to his country and cared about its future. When a country singer tells me how proud they are, it just tells me that they want to make a buck off of masturbating the low lying branches of the population tree.

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