Thursday, June 22, 2006

22 years old, blood pressure: 195/94

Last night I met a guy named Rich.
Rich is probably one of the funniest people I've met in a long time. He has more energy than a can of Red Bull being chased by a Real Bull. Every explanation has hands flying. Usually he grabs something he's been chewing on and gestures violently with it. It's fun to watch.
(notice the banana tattoo)

Rich apparently went to a see a doctor about what he thought might be a hernia. It turns out it wasn't a hernia; it was something else. However, the real story is about the nurse who came in to take his vitals. She comes in... He's already nervous enough about hospitals and things. He's trying to make jokes to calm himself down. She rolls the blood pressure machine in. She puts the cuff around him; he jokes about it making his arm fall asleep... etc. etc. She then takes Rich's reading and LEAVES THE ROOM for 30 seconds, enough time for her go out in the hall and say, "Holy @!%#!!" She comes back in and says something like, "I have never seen a 22 year old's blood pressure that high!"

Rich is 22. Rich's blood pressure was 195/94. It should probably be something closer to 120/80. So Rich is on medication... for the rest of his life... starting at 22.

Isn't that NUTS?!

On another note, I have a very large nose, and it depresses me...
Happy Thursday, and have a good weekend, and wish Rich well.


Theo said...

It turns out that Rich would prefer invisibility (over flight). He'd like to move things around and freak people out. He has no qualms about the moral issues with being invisible and freaking people out.

It also turns out that Zach is the only person thus far who recognizes "flight or invisibility" as a John Hodgeman segment from NPR's TAL.

Theo said...

It might also be interesting to note that Rich spent much of the night debating whether or not spiders or bees woudl win in a fight. It apparently was a thought exercise where the question mattered more than the answer . . .