Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Part 2: ...or just stupid?

In "Part 1: Am I Crazy...?" I mentioned two TAL stories that I listened to on the way to the office. The first piece made me feel more than a little uneasy, but for some reason I was more comfortable having the uneasiness than being blissfully ignorant. I have some satisfaction in finding out more about the mess that is being human. Anyway, the second piece, which was very uplifting, helped me forget all of that... and it also helped me forget something else that I realized today IN HORROR.

Recently I met a woman who I find interesting for lunch. Due to some complications involving a last minute change to her schedule, I ended up having to be a little late, and I ended up being later than I expected. For some strange reason I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a COVER STORY so I could open up our first meeting with a LIE just to smooth over me being late. So I took a lot of creative license and said that on my way to the coffee shop, a car ahead of me had plowed into a guard rail, burst into flames, and I had to use pieces of metal from the back seat of my car to pry open the doors and save the passengers before the burning car would do more harm to them. I claimed that they asked me to take them to the hospital, but, as if we were in Good Will Hunting, I wasn't able to help them because, "I had to see about a girl." (I'm holding my head in my hands right now) Now, what makes this even worse is that SHE BELIEVED ME. I ended up having to break it to her that, "None of that actually happened." (I'm beating my head against my hands) She blushed and explained that she was really gullible... (read: "I hate you") (beating my head with a closed fist)

I'm not that dumb of a guy. What possibly made me think that any of this was a good idea? No one says, "Open with a lie; she'll love that!"

I think I'm in over my head. Maybe I'll give a call tonight and try to smooth things over. I think everything AFTER the lie went well. It would have been a little bit more reassuring if she was more smiles and giggles...

Oh, bugger...

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Theo said...

Update: Apparently I'm not that stupid. She thought my whole execution of the lie was "clutch," and I find it cute that she used the word "clutch."

And so guys, feel free to use that story in your own adventures. I tried it out, and it seems to work ok.