Thursday, June 29, 2006

Well, that was the second voice mail... I guess that's it.

UPDATE: Got an e-mail from the voicemail woman. She says she's still interested in someone from her past so now is a hard time for her to date. Interpret that however you may.

Still no news on WTF with coffee woman.

Remember the woman from Am I Stupid? She was the one where I excused myself from being late by making up a story about saving the lives of two people and then refusing to take them to the hospital because, "I have to meet a girl."

Well, I talked to her later that week (Wednesday), and I apologized for making her feel gullible. She said that no apology was needed and described the whole thing as pretty "clutch." I thought her use of the word "clutch" was pretty cute, and (to my horror) I ended up saying that out loud. Oh, well...

Anyway, this was before going to San Antonio. I told her that I'd be out of town from Thursday to Monday, but I would like to take her out for bowling (this is something she mentioned she liked to do once upon a time ago, and I was excited about bowling too) the next week. She said that would be great, and I agreed to call her Tuesday night when I got back (I can only call her after 8pm because she has Sprint, and thus I must abide by "night and weekend minutes"; stupid Sprint)... Over the weekend we exchanged an e-mail, and she mentioned that bowling should be fun, so I figured that was a confirmation that she was looking forward to my call. So on Tuesday I called, but then I realized I had waited too long that night and it was during her Sex and the City time, so I called during a commercial and left her a voice mail. I didn't hear back from her, so I called last night too, this time not during a SatC. Still no response.

Now, there's an unwritten rule that you never leave more than two voice mails. More contact that two voice mails is considered stalkerish. It's better to just cut your losses.

But I don't get it... What went wrong?

A similar story... I went out on a date with someone about a month ago. The date was alright, but it ended early, and I headed home and stopped at a coffee shop on the way. In the coffee shop I ran into a woman with whom I went to high school. I hadn't seen her in a long while, and she really looked great. I was expecting to just say hello. She had two very intimidating looking girlfriends with her. She came over, seemed excited to see me, touched me on the elbow, asked if I had her number, and told me to call her sometime for coffee. Well, okay. That's more than I bargained for; I didn't even ask for that. So I called her a few days later... But that week she was moving. So I said I'd call her back next week... I did, but that week her mom was going into surgery... and she says, "Well, I see you on-line all the time, so why don't I just IM you sometime." OUCH. That's effectively, "Don't call us, we'll call you." (oh, and I have not heard from her) I just didn't understand. We saw each other for two minutes, I didn't ask for her number, she pushed it off on me and ASKED me to call. WTF?

I've had a couple of other strange mixed-message experiences lately. I have a feeling that some of it may have to do with me, but a lot of it may have to do with a sudden fear in the other people that they simply don't have time to date. But I don't think I come off like I'm looking for a whole lot here, and yet I don't think there's anything about me that makes it look like I'm not okay with entertaining the idea of a relationship.

Anyway, I just keep on plugging along, and that's fine with me. The experience has been really helpful. I've learned a lot about me, about people, and about dating in general. It just would be nice if for once things seemed to make intuitive sense. :)

Maybe I'll end up getting a response to my voice mails...

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