Thursday, June 15, 2006

I hate Joey and his shitty subs...

I hate Joey of Geno's.

However, if I ran a hot dog shop, I would not have the audacity to put up a sign saying, "We do not serve Joey." Doing so would be as bad as putting up a sign saying, "No Italians Need Apply" (i.e., NINA).

These people have the ability to order. They know how to order. They've been ordering in the past. They're able to point out what they want, recognize how much to pay, and pay that amount.

If you're able to do all of that and you are STILL denied service, then you are being discriminated against. That's the bottom line. That's a fact.

Joey also likes to sell "freedom fries" because he doesn't like French people.

Joey is an idiot, but I'd still serve him.


Texas Truth said...

Joey Vento is the owner of Geno’s Steaks. That means it is HIS business and he can do wherever he likes. If some immigrant can't order his/her lunch in the way that is prescribed, I guess he/she doesn’t eat at Geno's. I know there are other places in Philadelphia to eat. Some of the bleeding heart liberals just don't get it. Kudos to Joey. I understand no one is turned away. If they can’t order in English, then someone is there to TEACH them the proper way to order. Joey has a great deal of support out here. I have a post at my blog about this and other issues

Please feel free to stop by and read my perspective on this and other issues.

Theo said...

Geno, Joey's establishment, is a public business. It has no membership. It isn't a country club. He simply does not have the right to deny service to people on these grounds. If he would like to open a private estbalishment that requires membership for entry, then that is his prerogative.

Additionally, there are city ordinances that state explicitly (redundantly, I think) that service cannot be denied to a person simply because of their country of origin AND that no signs can be posted that make members of any particular group feel unwelcome.

There is no point to having posted this sign. It's just bigoted. If people did not know how to order, they would be denied service implicitly because they could not request service. If they have the ability to point at a menu or perhaps say "uno" for a "#1", and if they have the ability to understand "$5.35", and if they have the ability to pay that money and get their sandwich, then they should be given service.

Having people available to "teach them" how to order makes no sense. If you're going to take someone aside and figure out what they want, why not stop there? Why then try to teach them how to say it in English? You're just going to confuse them and force them to leave.

It's discriminatory. This has nothing to do with being a bleeding heart liberal.

What if you're a TOURIST? What if you are visiting from Italy and know very little English but would like to try a cheese steak because you never have had this sort of sandwich? Are you going to be denied service?

What if you, an American, is visiting Italy? No one there is going to deny you service. How would you feel if they took you aside, took the time to figure out what you wanted, and then forced you to say it in their language? I don't think you'd stand for it.

This is a uniquely American way of acting, and it's pretty disgusting.