Monday, June 12, 2006

Dressing Room Dilemma

Update: Listen to the story yourself. It's Act One of "Get Over It!", available as an m3u stream.

Before I begin, I want to say that Crimebusters & Crossed Wires: Stories from This American Life is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

Today I was listening to another TAL production, This American Life: Lies Sissies & Fiascoes. I was really disappointed with disc 1; however, I started disc 2 today, and I think it's going to be good. At least the first story sounds good.

Though I do have a question... In the first story, Ira Glass describes a visit to New York (from Chicago). In this case, it was about six months after he and his ex-girlfriend has broken up (and they were now "just friends"). Since the break-up, they had talked three or four times a week on the phone, and two days before he came up (to visit other friends, "real friends" rather than people who were "just friends") she mentioned to him that she had started seeing someone and she really liked him.

So he comes up to New York and they go shopping. It's pretty awkward at first... and then they end up in Sak's Fifth Avenue and she wants to try on some clothes. So they head back to the dressing rooms. And there's this awkward moment when they figure out whether Ira should follow her into the dressing room. After all, he's seen everything under there before, but they're broken up, so it's weird that he'd be going in. Eventually, they both go in together . . . (the rest is sitting out in the car; I walked into the apartment at this point)

Now, my question is... People actually go into the dressing rooms together? I'd understand if they were going to fool around, but if it was just to give a clothing opinion, I'd think SITTING outside of the dressing room would be FINE. The person can open the door, say, "What do you think?", and then retreat. This is what I would expect from a couple even if they were dating. There's just not a lot of room in the dressing room (maybe there are big dressing room's at Sak's; I dunno), and it would seem silly if you were just sitting there while the person was dressing.

So I think this is just funky.

If I go out shopping with an ex-girlfriend, do I get to go into the dressing room with her? Additionally, if I'm shopping with a girlfriend, should I naturally assume that I should? Am I a bad person for not going in with her? Am I a bad person for not WANTING to?

These things confuse me...

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