Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another book to collect dust on the headboard...

So today I was reviewing an old shopping cart (mulling over whether or not to order some new shaving supplies), and I noticed that The Bachelor Chronicles by Ron Geraci ("a dating memoir") was in stock (only 2 are left at Amazon). I was surprised to see this because it's not supposed to be published until July.

So I had a few errands to run up north anyway, so I stopped by BN and picked up a copy. I'm actually a little excited about it. It looks like it should be a good read. From the back cover:
For the last four years, "This Dating Life" columnist Ron Geraci has chronicled his romantic (mis)adventures in the pages of Men's Health, offering readers a no-holds-barred look into one man's bare-naked dating life. His mission was simple: he dated whomever he could find in order to fill that month's dispatch and revealed everything--the good and bad, funny and catastrophic, triumphant and painful. The Bachelor Chronicles is Geraci's hilariously frank confession of his wild ride from struggling writer in the frenzied world of magazine journalism to his rise as the "male Carrie Bradshaw" with the scars to prove it.

From the women he maniacally dated (lots) to the ones he enraged (even more) and enthralled (okay, you win some), Geraci's story careens through an insane New YorK City landscape that includes countless prospects, one lesbian, two therapists, a high-priced matchmaker, possible liposuction, incredible and not-so-incredible-but-at-least-frequent sex, dating addiction, destroyed relationships as an occupational hazard, blossoming alcoholism, porn, waking up in apartments where no sane man should find himself, perverse mating schemes, noble motivations, desperate loneliness, and the near-constant yearning for a stable life with one woman. Part cautionary tale, part dating survival guide, The Bachelor Chronicles is an emotionally naked, frequently hilarious peek into the male mind and modern romance by a guy honest enough to tell it like it is.

I've already laughed out loud once in the first three pages.

Hopefully I actually remember to read the thing rather than letting it sit next to The End of Faith and Genome and Coevolution and Sync...

It's too bad there isn't an audiobook form. I have a feeling it would really be funny. However, I haven't been listening to many of them lately either. I did (for the first time, really, ever) actually use my iPod for MUSIC today... So maybe a print book is best for me now...

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