Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A new blog?

I found a new blog to add to the RSS aggregator. These are from two of the recent entries, and I find them both funny:

Afterwards we went out for drinks and updates. I proceeded to give him some amazing relationship advice: If you really want this girl to like you, you must convey total disinterest. Does she have a best friend? You should probably make out with her. Actually, maybe that's your problem. If you like this girl so much, you should have started dating her best friend. At which point Seth made a mental note to never ask me for relationship advice again and probably thought something akin to the not-religious person's version of "may God have mercy on your black and withered soul."

Revolving Door
Guys go first. Just a friendly reminder. I understand that I'm not in Texas anymore, so I don't expect much in the way of "gentlemanly behavior" (though I always appreciate it). With the exception of not giving up your seat to a pregnant lady or helping someone with a stroller down the subway stairs, lapses in etiquette hardly upset me (seriously, those are less about etiquette and more about being a jerk). But for some reason, (and maybe it's because I already don't like you?) if you give me your best, "I'm a gentleman" shrug and say "after you" while waiting in front of a revolving door, I will know your heart is in the right place but I will think you are retarded.

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