Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tom Moon really phoned this one in...

Today's Song of the Day on NPR is very disappointing.

I'm not saying that this Costello+Toussaint New Orleans inspired combination doesn't deserve some media. I'm not saying it isn't musically appetizing, but this is probably the third or fourth time I've heard about this new album on NPR, and this is definitely the second time I've heard "The River in Reverse" specifically.

NPR's Song of the Day usually introduces me to a new artist or a new song... It adds something new to the rest of the content on NPR. It recognizes that the people who go to NPR's web page to check out the song of the day probably are faithful NPR listeners and are thus well-informed about projects like The River in Reverse (which has gotten so much press that it's basically main stream music).

So maybe Tom Moon was busy today and just needed to throw something together. Figuring that no one would mind if he featured an Elvis Costello song/album about New Orleans, he picked today's song. Well, Mr. Moon, your tricks won't work on me. I know better.

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