Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bored? Check out the robogames...

Check out Monday's Rocketboom (a vlog, so dial-up users beware), which shows off a few of the artistic robots found at this year's robogames.

The three that are covered are a steam powered walker (very Wild Wild West), a music bot, and a snake bot that apparently is meant for cuddling up to like a pet...

The snake bot sort of creeps me out. Well, the inventor's description of it being "like a pet"... Well, let me just quote:
. . . if you pick it up and move it, it won't fight you; it's very soft; it's very deceiving to touch. You can get close to it. Do whatever you want with it. It doesn't feel like a rigid machine. It's more like a pet. It's not a robot.

CREEEEEEEEPY... (and does "deceiving" make any sense at all?)

I just worry that someday the snake bot inventor will build a woman who "won't fight you." He'll explain, "It doesn't feel like a rigid woman. It's more like a lover. It's not a robot."

This just goes to show a servomotor can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.

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