Friday, June 09, 2006

Who is this "Joe," and why is he in my cup?

So I'm sitting here at the coffee shop. A little kid (about 3 feet tall, maybe more) in a red shirt that looked like it said something like "FEAR OF FAITH" on it. He was running around outside with two women. Hand-holding later made me think that the younger looking one was his mother. (have I actually reached the age where single mothers don't scare me so much that I refuse to be attracted to them? Am I actually that old?)

The little kid was probably one of the cutest kids I've seen in a long while. So he runs back and forth around the patio as the two women talk... Until two little kids inside the coffee shop sit down on the couch next to the patio window as they wait for their mom. The two little kids were both about his age. One of them was a girl, the other a boy. The little kid outside immediately locked in on the girl and started making faces with her. He went right up to a couple of inches in front of the window (with her in a symmetric position on the other side) and did the 3-foot-tall version of flirting with her. He paid no attention to the boy on the couch.

How is it possible for a kid this young to already have this much game? I actually envied the little bugger. Seriously -- I was looking up to someone the size of my right leg. Is there no hope? It takes this kid three or four seconds (TOPS!) to gain the interest of some random girl. Just about an hour ago I walk into the office of another grad student (on business) who happens to look stunning that day and I forget how to use my vocal chords.

Adviser is about to leave on sabbatical. School's out for summer.

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