Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Google Office

Google is at it again...

Google muscles into online spreadsheets

If you haven't heard, if your business has a domain name, you can have Google handle all of your mail. You'll get the entire Google mail interface and be able to use Google calendar. The only difference is that you'll have e-mail addresses at your domain rather than at gmail.com. In other words, throw away your Microsoft Exchange server, delete Microsoft Office from all of your computers, and use Google mail instead. (and on top of that, all of your users get Google ads and anything else Google wants to give them)

This new move (online spreadsheets) goes right along with Google's idea of replacing the desktop application with the web application. Gradually, slowly but surely, they're going to try replacing all of Microsoft Office with Google apps. Additionally, even if the apps don't have all of the features, as long as they have an important subset, are functional, and extremely convenient, then they may end up being favored.

So it's something to keep your eye on. Those Google guys are sneaky.

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