Thursday, June 22, 2006

Take my shirt, please...

UPDATE: George's fiancé Kim was a fan of the shirt, it's size, and it's freeness, so she now has a new shirt... Thus, the shirt is out of my hands. Sorry, ladies; you'll just have to go around without a shirt.

I need someone to take this shirt off my hands:
It's a women's medium.

I received it in the mail by accident. I'd rather give it away than contacting the company to explain that they sent me an extra shirt. I feel a little bad about this because it looks like they're all sold out of this shirt (and may not ever get any more). However, I still feel like I'd rather give it away to someone I know than send it back to the shirt place.


Annette said...

Hmm... if no one takes it within the next two months when I get there, and if you don't give it away by then, I'll take it. But only because it's free. I have no particular affinity for Felix the Cat, sadly. (That's why I'm hoping someone will want it more than me, and actually appreciate that it's the last one before they were sold out... heh)

Theo said...

It turns out Kim, George's fiance, was a fan of the shirt, it's size, and it's freeness... So Kim now has a new shirt. Yay Kim.