Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Only two months ago?

Earlier tonight I was talking to someone who was hoping that an ex-boyfriend would come around to her side of the argument between them, and it made me think of LT.

I can't believe it's only been two months since she Gave Teddy Her Notice. After three years, two months have flown by. I think that probably speaks for itself about whether or not she made the right decision.

The woman I was talking to mentioned that she wants something from her ex of which she thinks his previous ex (of six years) caused him to have a really bad opinion. I said some rhetoric about guys coming around, and I believed it, but now that I think back on it... whenever I talk to someone who is 2 years younger than me some sort of defensive mechanism goes up. It's silly, I know, but I guess still waters run deep. It's just a little surprising to me; for some reason I just felt like I had grown out of the period of my life where I carry strange baggage with me. I guess not.

Earlier in the night I needed something to distract me from my computer, so I turned on Sex and the City. I was also surprised by a little part of me that reacted to the image of Big and Carrie in a fight. Those angry facial expressions... They were too familiar.

I'm sure all of those things will fade with time. After all, it's only been two months. However, it just feels like it's been much longer, and I guess I'm a little upset that there are evidently parts of me that don't also feel that way.

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