Saturday, June 17, 2006

"I loved you first, I loved you first"

On hour 1 of today's Weekend America, they did a segment on Regina Spektor, who also happens to be MySpace's featured artist right now (previews or full versions of her songs are available at the latter two links).

From Weekend America:
Pop Music Pick: Regina Spektor
Alan Light joins host Barbara Bogaev with some new pop music. He brings a new record from Regina Spektor, a new singer songwriter who grew up in the Bronx as the daughter of two Russian immigrants, and fell in love with music. We hear a track called "Samson."

If you would like to hear "Samson," it was recently an NPR song of the day and is available for streaming from there.

I just want to point out that I knew about her before all of this. I thought she was a big thing before she became the "next big thing."

Just another reason why I need to start making mix tapes of my own just as a tribute to my own prescience. Yeah...

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