Saturday, July 01, 2006

Geeky pick-up trick

So this is a little funny...
Guess Her Age

Have her punch her age into a calculator. Then have her multiply it by 7, then multiply that product by 1,443. Have her hand the calculator to you. Her age will be repeated three times. Watch: 28 (age) x 7 = 196; 196 x 1,443 = 282,828.

Note that 7*1443=10101, so it's clear why this works for anyone under 100.

It's a little dumb though. Actually, it's a lot dumb. This one might be a little niftier...

Have her punch her age into a calculator. Multiply it by 6. Multiply the result by 10067. Divide the result by 2. The last two digits will be her age.

Yuck. Rather than trying to salvage the idea, let's just all agree that it's a stupid one.

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